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My name is Wayne Murray, I’m the owner of Weichert Realtors – Wayne Murray Properties. I’d like to show you a little story, and dramatize that. This is my son’s home, he was one of the blessed ones. He had flood insurance. 80% of the people did not have flood insurance, in Houston, Tx and the surrounding areas: Katy, Sugarland, the Woodlands, all the areas that surround one of the largest cities in the United States. 

We got over 50 inches of rain, which is relatively unheard of. In that time period, we had devastation of, i believe the estimate right now is 160 thousand dwellings. There’s a number of people that I don’t want to see left behind. I’m not only the president of the company that I own, I’m also the member of The Freedom Center Church. As a member, and as a Christian, I believe we’re to give to those in need. 

Therefore, we have set up a fund to assist people who didn’t have flood insurance. 

The flood waters began to rise in this area at about 4 o’clock in the morning. It got to where my son  had to take his three children on floaties, and of course my daughter in law, out of their home and to a house that is built on a higher elevation. We have set up a fund that we created for Texas (and specifically South Texas) for those who don’t have flood insurance, those that are in need to help rebuild. 

The rescue is over. Recovery has begun. The recovery is going to take a long time, especially for those without flood insurance. WeCare Texas is a fund that we set up for those who weren’t as blessed to have flood insurance. We can give you a 100% guarantee that all the funds are going to people who have suffered through this. Even the production cost of our WeCare has been absorbed by the company producing it, and the church I am a member of. So remember that your donations are going to those who are definitely and absolutely in need. 

So therefore, if it’s a dollar or five dollars, that money is going towards the people that need it. We humbly thank you for your time and please find in your heart to give a small amount, or large amount, whatever it is. So we thank you! Blessings from me to you, and Texas WILL recover!