It’s certainly no secret that flooding can strike anywhere and at any time. In fact, flooding is considered to be perhaps the most common natural disaster that takes place in the entire United States, and even worse is the fact that nowhere is safe from it.

Thankfully, there are ways in which you can protect your home from flooding and the after-effects of it, such as mold. Here are three methods to make note of.

Protect Your Electrical Systems

When looking at the expected flood level in your area, take the time to raise all electrical sockets, switches, wiring, etc. in your home at least one foot above that level in order to prevent them from getting damaged or destroyed by flood water. Additionally, you will also want to adjust your water heater, furnace, etc. so that it sits above this level as well.

Protect Your Furniture

Ensure that all of your furniture pieces will be protected from flood water by raising everything off of the floor. You can also move everything to an upper floor if you choose to do so.

Protect Your Appliances

Appliances such as your refrigerator, stove, etc. should be raised off of the ground by being placed onto concrete blocks. This will help to ensure that they are protected from flood water.

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