Holiday decorations can sometimes become repetitive and too traditional for some. If you’re looking for interesting holiday decorations to change things up a bit, here are some quick ideas to easily make your home stand out.

1. Make your own ornaments.

Nothing says unique like putting your own spin on this classic holiday decoration. Making your own ornaments really gives you the freedom to add a splash of your personality to your decor without being overwhelming or ruining the theme. Another fun tip is to make ornament-decorating a friends and family event. You can store these ornaments as keepsakes, and keep re-using them for years to come!

2. Get a unique tree.

Putting a spin on your Christmas tree as a whole is an easy way to bring individuality to your home. This year, consider buying a colorful tree instead of a green one, one made of lights, wood, or set it up in a way that’s unique– such as hanging it upside down or sticking it to a wall. In other words, the rest of the holiday decorations around the house will follow if the centerpiece looks fun.

3. Change up the color palette.

Holiday colors don’t need to be just red and green, or blue and white. A simple way to make your home stand out this season is to choose a different color palette for your decorations. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to use any of your favorite colors, even if they aren’t considered to be festive. Above all, decorating your home is festive itself! If you don’t want to stray too far from the norm, even going with different shades of holiday colors can change up a space and make it special.

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