Still searching for the perfect house? Many don’t think of looking in historic districts as an option. People often think that historic districts tend to be too expensive, busy, unsafe, or just too intimidating to live in. As a result, many top realtors in Houston have beautiful historic houses that don’t get looked at. Here are some reasons why you should give Houston historic districts a chance:

The Sense of Community

top realtors in houston

The community gatherings at this Houston Heights mansion are classy, warm, and welcoming.

Residents in historic districts tend to care about their homes and communities. Historic districts are important, being a slice of what life looked like when the city was becoming what it is today. In some districts, such as the Houston Heights East Historic District, landmarks, cultural centers, and more also decorate the town, making the area even more worthwhile. With historic districts meaning so much to the city community as a whole, it’s rare to find a historic district without caring homeowners and a neighborhood watch these days.

Property Value Increase Attracts Top Realtors in Houston

top realtors in houston

This gorgeous Museum District home was not over 2 million dollars at the time of its construction!

A 2007 study shows that property value increases by 5 to 35 percent more when in a historic district, even in comparison to areas with homes that may look similar. This makes these neighborhoods especially attractive for top realtors in Houston, so you’ll only be working with the best. Furthermore, if you don’t want to maintain your historic home forever, you can make good profit if the time comes to move on.

Regulations Don’t Have To Be Intimidating: No Construction or Destruction

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This gorgeous river oaks historic home is available with us at Wayne Murray.

Some people may think that regulations on historic districts means constant work is being done. However, due to these regulations, it’s very rare that anything new will be constructed, or that anything old will be destroyed. If you love the city but hate the noise of renovation, a historic district could be the perfect place for you!

The Unique Beauty

top realtors in houston

This Broadacres home is one of the most iconic historic Houston houses and is for sale with us! Click the image for more information.

Most of the time, they just don’t make them like that anymore! If you’d like a real vintage home, or a home with a classic style without having to design and construct it yourself, historic districts are often the place to go.

Historic Districts in Houston are beautiful and often under appreciated by newcomers. If you’re looking for a change of pace, good community, and to own a little slice of history, check out some of our historic district homes here.

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