While you may feel you’ve done a great job at child proofing your home, there’s actually every chance in the world that you may have missed something. Furthermore, you may also be overestimating your child’s overall understanding of the space around them. In fact, one of the top reasons that children under the age of three end up having to visit the emergency room every year involves household injuries.

Here are three great ways that you can childproof your home and make sure that your little one is safe.

Hide Your Power Strips

Power strips are things that your child could end up very easily unplugging. Not only that, but they could also end up sticking an object into the electric socket and electrocuting themselves, thereby causing a very serious injury, or worse. Always keep your power strips hidden behind furniture. In the event that there is no choice but for them to be exposed, simply purchase a power strip cover in order to protect them from your child’s wandering hands.

Secure Dressers

It’s certainly no secret that children enjoy climbing on many different things, including dressers. Unfortunately, dressers can also end up falling onto them and causing all sorts of horrific injuries. In fact, every year, close to 15,000 children end up in the emergency room for injuries related to object tipping over onto them. Always ensure that heavy furniture items such as dressers are somehow anchored to either the floor or the wall to prevent it from falling onto your child.

Missing Battery Covers

This is most definitely a major disaster waiting to happen. If a small child ends up getting their tiny hands on any type of battery, chances are they will want to try getting it into their mouth and swallowing it. This can end up causing the battery to get lodged in their esophagus, thereby causing a severe amount of damage and an immediate trip to the emergency room. Always make sure that batteries are secured in their correct places and are properly covered.

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