If you just bought one of the many new Houston properties, don’t make these mistakes!

When you purchase a home, naturally the first thing you will think of doing is filling it with furniture that’s brand new; however, there are many interior designers who have gone on record of stating that there are some items that you should refrain from purchasing. This is because they’ve seen more than their fair share of homes with things that look good and things that don’t.

Here are three of the top items that interior designers recommend you not purchase for your home.

Draperies That Are Outdated

In the event that you have draperies in your home that you feel remind you of an older family member or ones that you personally think look too old, that’s a sign that you should change them out. Designers recommend that you go for a design that’s more modern and lighter. For instance, side panel draperies containing great-looking hardware hung up above your windows will not only permit more natural light to enter the space, but it will also highlight the details of the window itself.

Rugs That Are Too Small

Many homeowners tend to underestimate the size of a rug, so much so that they could end up with one that’s too small laying right in the middle of a room. Additionally, designers note that furniture pieces don’t always have to sit on the rug itself and can instead be covered by the front one-third or one-half of a chair.

Furniture That is Too Formal

Furnishing your living room should always have the consideration of exactly how you live your everyday life. Formal items such as a chandelier, stiff sofa, and equally stiff pillows are typically considered to be “too fancy” for the most modern family. Even if those items are working well in your home at the present time, it’s important to stop and think about how those items will age alongside your family. For instance, if you end up getting a pet or having a child, those items could end up getting ruined in more ways than one.

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