When you’re all set to move into your new home, there’s always the chance that you may not want to take as much time investing in your listing photos, despite the advice of your real estate agent. However, failing to do this could have a negative impact on how quickly your home sells.

Here are three do’s and don’ts that will help your listing get a great deal of attention.

Welcome All Visitors

By leaving your door open in one of your listing photos, you’re giving the impression that all visitors will be welcome to view it. Also, showcasing an attractive entryway in the photo will also help to set the overall tone for the remainder of your home.

Don’t Include Photos of Yourself

Potential buyers want to imagine themselves in the home you’re selling – not you or any other people. When taking listing photos, do not include yourself in any of them. Instead, focus more on the areas that you want to properly showcase.

Properly Showcase Each Room

In the end, you will always want to do your absolute best to showcase your home to potential buyers. Take the time to showcase each room in your home, complete with a view that will make the buyer wish they already lived there.

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