Sometimes, the city life can catch up with us, and we find that our busy schedules make it difficult to keep our Houston home clean. Whether you have reports due at work, finals coming up, or a big event around the corner– here are some really simple tips to keep your home as clean as possible during chaotic times.

1. If it can be cleaned in under 3 minutes, clean it now

A reason why we leave clutter around is because we look at it and think, “I can do that later!” But the truth is, if it’s something you can do quickly, it’s better to do now. You’ll feel better, and you’ll realize that it didn’t take as long as you thought it would. A good rule of thumb is the 3 minute rule. If you know it will take you under 3 minutes, then you should clean it now.

2. Start multi-tasking on the easy stuff

Sometimes we neglect to clean because we tell ourselves that one slow activity needs all our attention. But waiting for photos to upload, clients to call back, or for your food to heat up are spare moments. Those spare moments can be used to do basic cleaning tasks, such as getting the laundry started. Even if you have to split up the laundry process between separating the clothes, moving the hamper towards the washer, and actually loading the clothes in during every little break you get– you’ll always be one step closer to a fresh wardrobe.

3. Know it’s okay to splurge on a Houston home cleaning service every once in awhile

If you haven’t had time to do a good deep-cleaning in months, it might be a good idea to just pay to get a professional one. There are many affordable cleaning services in Houston that will go over and organize your house on a one-time basis. It’ll feel like magic when it’s done. It also may be easier to get back on your regular cleaning schedule if you have a clean slate.

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