Regardless of the reasoning, reducing your energy costs during the winter is definitely a great thing to consider. Studies have shown that energy costs make up the biggest monthly expense during this particular season. Thankfully, there are ways that you can make some basic adjustments and save money on energy costs altogether. Here are three ways to save on energy costs during the winter:

Bundle Up

Rather than turning up the heat in your home, consider instead wearing a sweater and warm socks, or virtually anything that you know will keep you warm. Additionally, ensure that you have throw blankets on your sofa and an area rug to help insulate your floor.

Clean and Unblock Your Furnace

This is a task that will help to reduce energy consumption, which, in turn, will help you save money. Checking your furnace filter is something that should be done on a monthly basis, then replacing it whenever it gets dirty.

Use Exhaust Fans Only When Needed

Your kitchen’s exhaust fans, as well as the ones in your bathroom, are designed to pull out hot air that rises to the ceiling. Instead of using them repeatedly, use them only when needed, then shut them off when you’re finished using them.

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