When it comes to making a guest room in your home feel more like a home for your guests, it’s always a good feeling to help your visitors feel both comfortable and welcome.

Here are three tips to help you with making a guest room in your own home feel more like a home for your guests.

Closet Space

Make sure that your guests will have enough closet space in the event that they need some extra storage for clothing or other items. Additionally, you should consider adding in an extra amount of hangers as well so that they will be able to hang some of their clothing if they wish to do so.

Extra Blankets

Another useful tip to make note of is to ensure that you have an extra supply of linens on hand for both the guest room and guest bathroom in the event that an accident were to happen. You may also end up having a guest who insists on changing the sheets on the bed prior to leaving your home. If they do, allow them to do so, then thank them.


Chances are your guests may wish to have some privacy while they’re staying with you. In instances such as this, you will want to take the time to select window coverings that will help add to the overall character of the guest room while, at the same time, providing an extra amount of privacy and light control. You could also consider adding blinds, as well as side panels and/or a valance.

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