In this intense heat your home is taking a beating. Here are ways to protect against the heat and ensure your home stands to see winter.

Watch where you water

Your grass is drying out so you turn on the sprinkler to give it some much needed relief. But make sure the sprinkler isn’t hitting the house. The brick on your home is dry to and easily absorbs that water which can cause problems. Have your sprinkler system checked to make sure the pressure is right and there’s no leaks. In places with a drought, a leaky sprinkler system can get expensive.

Change the ceiling fan direction

Many people don’t realize that ceiling fans are meant to go clockwise in winter and the other in summer. In the summer you want the cold air by the ceiling to be circulated in the room where in the winter you want it pushed to the outskirts of the room.

Maintain your HVAC

You’re a/c unit is about to get a workout if it isn’t already. The worst thing that could happen would be to have it die on a day in the triple digits. Summer is a busy season for a/c repairmen and it can take days to get an appointment. Be proactive and have it checked out before it needs it.

Replace your screens

During the summer unsavory bugs come out of hiding including mosquitoes. Make sure they can’t get in through holes in your screens. Your windows can only do so much on their own. Best to have a second line of defense. Install some blinds while you’re doing this and you are ready for anything the sun can throw.

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