Even if you are buying your first house you don’t have to act like a newbie. Avoid making these mistakes and the homeowners won’t know if this is your first or third home. You can also save yourself some money this way.

Make an offer

Never place a bid at an open house. Many people think this is what an open house is for but that is not so. Instead leave to an area that is away from other bidders and the homeowners with your agent to gather the details and make a bid that is competitive and cautious. This also prevents you from making any rushed decisions.

Share too many details, or any at all

The less the agent representing the home knows about you the better. They should never know how much you are pre-approved for, what schools your kids are enrolled in or how long your current lease is. This is all information they will use to drive up the price for you.

Be rude

The home may be for show but so are you. As a potential buyer, sellers have to like you just like you have to like the house. Never be loud and impatient. You may have other homes to see but take your time with each. You never know if the one you are looking at could end up being the one.

Comment on the home

You may not like the paint color on every wall or how the current owners decorate but that does not mean you need to say these things out loud. As previously stated, it is in your best interest for the sellers to like you. They will be easier to negotiate with if they don’t hear you nitpicking on their home.

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