During the holiday season, LED lights easily bring life to any home. If you want to keep the beauty of using old holiday lights as decoration, but don’t want your home to be decorated out-of-season, here are some simple ideas on how to use your lights to decorate your home in a way that fits during any time of year.

1. Intertwine your old holiday lights through plants.

Many shopping centers wrap their lights around trees for year-round romantic decoration. This can be applied to outdoor trees in that familiar fashion, or lights can also be intertwined even through small house plants for an extra bit of light in your home.

2. Shape your lights into a word or phrase.

Using wire or simply pins, you can shape your lights on the wall into an inspirational word or phrase. This way, your lights can stand alone on your wall in a way that is creative and resembles the spirit of your house.

3. Use your lights to hang pictures.

A popular fixture for teenagers’ rooms are creative methods for hanging pictures to walls. Hang the lights on your wall in a zig-zag form, and then simply use clothespins to attach pictures to them. The pattern doesn’t have to be zig-zag; with string lights, you can shape whatever pattern you want and attach pictures on whatever parts of the string you prefer.

4. Create a garland with any material you want.

Cover the lights themselves in a larger material to create a light up garland with whatever material your heart desires. Some ideas include using dixie cups (which can be different colors or have different designs on them for specific party themes!) mason jars, or even just paper stars cut out to cover the light.

When holiday lights are used in the right way, they can turn any home into a more cozy-feeling, modern-looking abode!

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