With all the chaos of gift-buying and end-of-year responsibilities, it can be easy to forget or fall behind on decorating your house for a holiday event. Thankfully, we’ve come up with a few solid last-minute holiday decorations that look good and can be made in minutes!

1. Refresh old decorations with spray paint.

Have some old decorations that wouldn’t cut it anymore? A quick way to make multiple last-minute holiday decorations is to use things you didn’t know you had! Instead of going out of your way to get more, simply get some holiday or neutral-colored spray paint and give your old decorations a fresh coat. No one will be able to tell how old it is. If you choose to get a metallic or glittery paint, you can even give it a completely new design!

2. Remember that LED string lights can look good anywhere.

Do you have extra outdoor decorations? Try bringing them indoors and placing them literally anywhere that is safe! Some ideas on where to put LED string lights can be along your doorway, around a mirror, on a hearth, or practically anywhere along a wall. If you have indoor lights that are attached to batteries and don’t need to be plugged in anywhere, you can also try getting hurricane glass– or any glasses, and stuffing the lights in them and turning the glasses over to make for a new, warm centerpiece.

3. Hang up holiday cards.

Have you received holiday cards from others, or have extra old ones of your own? Decorate a space with these cards by using clothes pins or safety pins to tape the cards to extra ribbon. Then, hang them up against a wall or door on display for your guests to look at. This cute last-minute holiday decoration also serves as a fun conversation starter– your family and friends can look back on previous years together.

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