It’s certainly no secret that transporting plants during a move to a new home can be extremely tricky, especially since there are few moving companies who will actually place plants onto their company trucks, regardless of how long the move will take.

It’s also worth mentioning that there are many plants that simply won’t survive both the tough ride and high temperatures that are often involved with moving trucks.

Perhaps the best way to keep your plants safe during a move is to simply place them in your car and drive them yourself; however, this isn’t always an option that’s available. The next best option, and one that often isn’t considered, is to ship the plants.

Here are the steps you will need to take in order to achieve this.

*Take the time to remove plants from any heavy planters, pots, and other similar containers. This is because typically, shipping is calculated based on both distance and weight. Once the plants have been removed, simply clean the containers thoroughly and have them placed on the moving truck.

*Get a disposable plastic container that is also lightweight to put the unpotted plant in. Furthermore, never place the roots inside a plastic bag, as this will prevent them from receiving oxygen. This could also end up causing the roots to get extremely hot, as well as break. Instead, place mesh bulb bags and shredded paper around the roots, then water them so that they remain hydrated during the trip.

*In order to prevent the plant from tipping in its box, ensure that the roots will fit as snugly as possible at the bottom of it. Also, make sure that the box you choose leaves a few inches between the plant and the sides of the box itself.

*Place plastic in the box to help create a moisture barrier, which will prevent the box from getting soggy. The plastic should generally be placed between the bottom of the plant and the bottom of the box.

*Research to determine what the quickest and fastest shipping method for your plants would be, as well as which couriers will ship live plants.

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