Katy was recently ranked at number 11 by a study conducted by HomeUnion, a California-based online real estate investment management firm, based on factors involving the city’s schools and home prices. This study examined ZIP codes in approximately 30 different metro areas where the average rating of schools was 80th or higher, as well as showing the most affordable one in each area.

Back in late 2016 and early 2017, homes in Katy sold for a median price of $239,500. HomeUnion’s director of research has also stated that, in terms of the study that was conducted, the company had been tracking metros that had both the best school districts and highest housing affordability for approximately the past two years.

Additionally, they also stated that they were continuing to see the best opportunities for those individuals who are first-time homebuyers who have families living in the center of the country.

The area that took the top spot of the study for the second year in a row was Blue Springs, which is a suburb located in Kansas City, Missouri. Homes in this area sold for a median price of $159,700.

Other Texas metro areas also made this list as well, which included Cross Mountain, located just outside of San Antonio, and Williamson, located just outside of Austin. Median home prices in Cross Mountain are listed as $317,100, while median home prices in Williamson are listed as $375,000.

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