To All HAR Members:

While we continue to receive an influx of questions, we want to take this opportunity to address them as accurately and quickly as we possibly can. We ask that you make note of all of these updates, as each one contains an important amount of information.

Post All Available Temporary Housing

Late yesterday, officially launched the Harvey Temporary Housing section, which was also reported by various local media outlets including the Houston Chronicle, ABC13, and various national media platforms as well. Many available homes have already been posted in this section; however, it should be noted that there is still a great need for more. If you either own or represent a property that you feel could be available for use for approximately 12 weeks (or less) in order to help an individual or a family who has been displaced thanks to the devastation that has been caused by Hurricane Harvey, we ask that you please visit this link and post all of the necessary information.

Gouging of Prices

HAR members, be aware: price gouging isn’t something that can only be contained to goods and services such as water, gasoline, and lumber. In fact, this is something that can take place in terms of real estate transactions as well. Generally defined, price gouging occurs whenever the most basic of services are offered at prices that are more excessive than normal. At HAR, we do not, in any way, encourage any of our members to otherwise encourage others to engage in a manner that would lead to this type of behavior. Furthermore, if you find that yourself involved in an issue with price gouging, we ask that you simply use common sense regarding what may be excessive in terms of costs.

Information Regarding Flood Repair

Recently, the City of Houston released information in regards to flood repair. You can access this information by clicking on this link. You will be able to find all of the most updated information in regards to exactly what will and will not require a permit, as well as a Frequently Asked Questions section that will help to guide you through the process itself.

Other Resources

HAR has come across a few useful checklists and guides that we wanted to share with all of our members, which you can also share with your clients. You can access them by clicking this link.

Beware of Scams

As we’re sure you’re all aware, even the most tragic situations can still bring out the worst people looking to take advantage of others. Whether it’s done online or someone coming directly to your door claiming to do some kind of “repair” work, we at HAR ask that you always remain cautious, especially during this time. Furthermore, the Texas Real Estate Commission has also sent out a statewide email scam alert detailing someone illegally posing as one of their agents and requesting that a certain amount of money be paid via Square Cash. A link is then provided by the scammer to pay that amount of money. The Commission asks that you please ignore any texts or other correspondences requesting that you send any money to them, and that if you have any further questions, you can email them directly at