During the time of year in which it gets unbearably hot outside, we get tempted to turn on the air conditioner to help us stay cool. However, there are other methods that can be utilized to help us stay cool without having to worry about our energy bills going up.

Here are three ways that you can keep your home cool without having to worry about using your air conditioner.

Close Your Blinds

Studies show that upwards of 30% of unwanted heat comes from the windows of a home. When you use shades, blinds, or curtains, not only can you lower the interior temperature of your home by up to 20 degrees, but you can also save up to 7% on your energy bills.

Close the Doors to Unused Rooms

By closing the doors to rooms that you aren’t using, you will keep cool air from going into those areas during times of the day that are extremely hot. The same thing should be done during the nighttime hours as well.

Rotate Your Ceiling Fan Counter-Clockwise

By setting your ceiling fan to rotate counter-clockwise at a higher speed during the summer, the airflow created as a result will cause you to feel cooler rather than feeling warmer.

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