It’s springtime in Houston again and we all know what that means – spring cleaning! It’s time to get over your winter blues, enjoy the warmer weather, and get your home ready for entertaining before the summer heat sets in. Although the winter months are relatively short in Texas, it’s still nice to clean your home and start fresh for the new year. If your home is not looking its best and you need recommendations for how to clean for spring, read on!

When Should You Start Your Spring Cleaning?

Some people wonder when they should start cleaning their home for spring and there’s no exact answer to this question. Although spring officially starts the first day of the first month of the spring equinox, it’s safe to say that between mid-February and the first week of March is a great time to start planning your spring cleaning. In the northern hemisphere, spring typically runs between March 1st and May 31st. So, you have a few months get your spring cleaning done, and you’ll want to get this work done before the summer heat arrives.

Why Should You Clean in the Spring?

Houston’s seasons are comprised of a few months of winter, a month or two of mild, spring-like and fall weather, and several months of summer. During the winters, Texas and the Houston area can be cold and dreary like other parts of the country. This is when most people just want to stay warm and cozy in their homes, and don’t mind a little dirt build-up. But, after the weather starts to warm and we get more active, you’ll probably find it motivating to shake off that winter feeling and get to cleaning for spring.

Tips for a Successful Spring Cleaning

Cleaning your home for spring can be a quick and simple affair or it can be a thorough, top to bottom deep cleaning. What’s best for you and your environment are entirely up to you! If you have the energy and motivation to get serious about cleaning, try these tips:

  • Top-down cleaning – Start by dusting the crown moldings and ceiling fixtures and work your way down to the floors and baseboards.
  • Room to room cleaning – Pick the room most in need of cleaning and start there. Or, start with the easy stuff and move on to the rooms that need the most attention last. It’s your call!
  • Don’t forget the kitchen – Cleaning your appliances can be a big job. Be sure to plan for what cleaning supplies you’ll need, like brushes and heavy-duty cleansers.
  • Floors – Sometimes overlooked, floors can be a large part of your cleaning effort. Enlist your family members for a day of sweeping and cleaning your floors. Children love vacuuming!
  • Garage/Old clothes – Get rid of things in your garage that you don’t use anymore by donating to those in need. Clothing can be easily dropped off at a recycler and can help others!
  • Yard – Yes, it’s time to start mowing the lawn again. Make the first mowing a part of your spring cleaning to add a finishing touch to your efforts!

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