Summer time is here, and so is the need to save! Any realtor in Houston, TX knows all about this as energy costs can be high in the summer, even if they’re not always living in the houses they’re selling. If you are, this might apply even more to you. In the summer, we turn on the air conditions, the kids spend more time with the TV, and overall, everyone is using a lot.

Here are our quick tips on how to save, specifically when it’s hot out.

Watch the thermostat

One big mistake people make far too often in the summer is cooling a house when nobody is around to need it. Nowadays, many people have smart thermostat services in their homes. If this is you, program it to where it saves the most energy. If not, you’ll need to read up on what temperatures you should set when, and remember to change it manually. Thermostat temperature can make a really big difference on your savings.

Try the fan instead

If you’ve began adjusting the thermostat and you’re getting hot, use the fans more often. Most likely, your home has a number of ceiling fans available to use. Don’t be afraid to turn them all on, as this takes up less energy than a thermostat does. The more fans and doors you open (indoor ones!) the more you can fix the thermostat and save.

Keep out the sun

Sunlight coming in through the windows actually affects the heat of your home more than you’d think. Invest in some good blinds or curtains to block sun out. If you have a door that has a glass or any type of window pattern, getting a blind that you can draw down over the door is another great way to save, also. On the flip side, you can also open your windows at night to let cooler air in.

Switch from incandescent to LED bulbs

Incandescent lightbulbs actually turn 90% of energy into heat. LED bulbs use half as much heat, use 75% less energy than incandescent, and last about 50 times as longer! If you’re willing to splurge on bulbs, there are also a wide variety of different types and sizes that are marketed specifically towards saving energy. If you’re really desperate, you can also take out certain light bulbs you don’t use altogether.

Cook outside

Cooking indoors can easily make a room hotter than it needs to be. Summertime is the perfect opportunity to grill outdoors, can be easier, and plenty of fun. There are inexpensive grills on the market that can be purchased if you don’t already have one. Using your kitchen less will definitely save you, as even the oven can raise a room temperature ten degrees!

Use cold water

Save the hot water for the winter time and use cold wash for clothes and showers when possible. Cold showers are actually better for your skin and hair, so learning to love them can get you far! You can also wash dishes cold, and dry things outside or in a patch of sunlight indoors to save.

Are you looking for a home in Houston to save energy with? Contact the Murray Group, and we’ll set you up with a realtor and get you started.