While some people contact relocation professionals in Houston to move, others choose to keep their old home open as an AirBnb. This can be a great investment depending on location. However, like any other housing market, the AirBnb market can be competitive too. Here are our tips on how to make your home stand out and get the best reviews.

Leave Spares of the Essentials

Make sure there are extra necessities. This should include toilet paper, paper towels, soap, and trash bags. Anything that you would use and eventually throw out daily should be something you should have more of. Plus, if your guests make a mess, you want to be sure that they have all the supplies they’d need to clean it up!

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Leaving extra cleaning supplies almost guarantees coming back to a neat space.

Make your Wifi Password REALLY Noticeable

A big reason why people choose AirBnbs over hotels is because of the wifi. On the official Airbnb app, free wifi is one of the categories you can select to filter. So first, make sure you have wifi in your home, or else people may never even see it in the first place as many choose wifi as a necessity when looking for a space. Second, once you do get your wifi, be sure that you put the password up in multiple obvious places. Consider leaving it in at least 5 places, or one place in each room. Some popular places to leave the password are on the refrigerator, taped to mirrors, or on any table where someone might want to work.

Leave Tips on What to Do In the City

Many people prefer AirBnbs because it gives them a more authentic feel of what it’s like to live in the city. Creating a little booklet or simply leaving a slip of paper somewhere on the best places to eat and be entertained in Houston can go a long way. Many people staying over may be looking for Houston relocation professionals themselves as they are looking to move soon. Leaving a nice personalized tip can help your guests feel more informed and easily improve your reviews.

While AirBnbs are a great idea, you don’t need a whole extra house to do it. You can always rent out only part of your house, or stay with relatives as you spare your own. If you’re in search of a Houston relocation professional, contact Wayne Murray for more information.