Houston realtor firm – When it comes to purchasing a home that has been recently renovated, there is all sorts of appeal involved with this type of process. Unfortunately, it’s never easy to tell if a property has been upgraded in a manner that’s both thorough and thoughtful. In fact, there are many developers who will take the time to flip a home in such a way to sell it quickly, meaning that the home renovations they perform are rather hasty. While it may look great, the work itself is rather lackluster in nature.

Renovations that are overseen by homeowners are generally viewed as being more trustworthy by buyers as opposed to renovations that are overseen by house flippers. According to a real estate broker in New York:

If you’re comparing a homeowner renovation versus an investor trying to flip a property, the latter is all profit-driven. Time is money, and they’re more willing to overlook things.”

Homeowners also know the property much more and are also more emotionally invested in it, which means that they therefore more a great deal more likely to take a lot more time to perform a more thoughtful renovation.

According to another New York real estate broker:

A developer’s interest is to make money, and also possibly develop a reputation that will invite investors to support their next project. An individual renovating a house or apartment for their own use has a different objective: They are not thinking about selling it immediately upon completion, but rather living in it for the next seven to 10 years or more.”

Prior to a buyer stepping into a home, they will be able to conduct their own research in order to determine who may have been behind the renovation, as well as whether or not the developer actually did a good job at it.

Perhaps the most important question for buyers involves whether or not the property they’re interested in was renovated by someone who was actually qualified to perform the work. The best way to determine this is to check on the history of the actual developer in order to see what types of projects they’ve previously been involved with, as well as view public records in order to determine whether the developer themselves received all of the proper permits to either build or renovate.

In terms of touring the home, it’s a good idea to visit more than once, as this will provide a better opportunity to spot shoddy workmanship with the renovation. Generally, three times is a good number, as this will enable you to pick up much more detail, such as cheap floor solutions, fixtures, cabinetry, and more as opposed to more higher-end types of products.

When it comes to homeowners who may be planning to sell a home, the best thing to focus on is cosmetic upgrades rather than investing in any kind of more major project. These upgrades include the following:

-Cleaning windows


-Improving the brightness of all interiors

-Minimizing all clutter

-Installing new appliances

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