Are you trying to get your home on a Houston multiple listing service? Sometimes, even beautiful family keepsakes can cause clutter that makes your home unattractive to buyers. We’ve come up with (#) simple solutions to keep your memories, and your home on the market.

Figure Out What You Don’t Really Need

Usually, if you have so many keepsakes that it causes clutter– there’s some that you can do without. Even storing away too many things can look bad on a listing service. Marie Kondo, a world-renowned organizing consultant, is famous for having popularized the method of throwing out what doesn’t give you joy. The technique is simple. Find something you’re not sure you completely want or not, hold them, and think about how you feel. If it doesn’t bring you a sense of joy, it’s probably not worth it.

Turn Tiny Trinkets Into Ornaments

If you have little knick-knacks, sand, little beads, or anything tiny– it can become an ornament. You can buy clear ornaments and put tiny things in them easily. If the knick knack is unique and plastic, you can melt the top of it and insert a little hook into it. Then, the trinket literally becomes an ornament itself, and only comes out seasonally. This way, it gets removed from tables and fireplaces for the most part, but still comes up every now and then in a much tidier way.

Turn Old Clothes Into a Quilt

If your own clothes are causing clutter, it’s easier to donate or sell them. But for those with passed friends and family, it can be a little harder to let go of those fabrics. Instead of selling or donating it all, you can hire a seamstress to turn the clothes into a quilt. If you want a new hobby or fun activity to do with others, you can even make it into a quilt or blanket yourself. This quilt or blanket can also be passed down or gifted to family members and friends. Now, the memories stay warm with you, and not as junk in your closet.

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