Now that the year 2020 is officially upon us, the time has come for many people to begin making New Year’s resolutions. One of the most common and popular ones that get made is people wanting to keep their homes as clean as they possibly can.

Perhaps one of the best ways to get started with something like this is to begin decluttering in the kitchen. Thankfully, there are many different ways in which this can be achieved.

Here are three of the most common things in your kitchen that you should consider concentrating on for decluttering.

Food Storage Containers

One of the most common items that can be decluttered are all of those plastic food containers. Unless you may have some sort of real use for these items, the time may have come for you to get rid of them, aside from the larger-sized ones that aren’t stained. Generally, these items can be recycled; however, they can also be donated so that those in need can use them in their own homes.

Expired Dry Goods

Expired food items in your pantry are other items that can be decluttered. Your pantry should only contain fresh products that are within their consumable date. Otherwise, any other foods in your pantry should be disposed of, even if its been unopened. Eating these foods can otherwise make you sick.

Old Cleaning Products

Old cleaning products are other items that can be decluttered in your kitchen as well. Not only are they practically useless once their expiration date has passed, but storing older chemicals can also be dangerous as well. In terms of disposing of them, you will first need to take the time to read the labels on the products themselves to determine how this should be done.

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