The recent hurricane greatly affected many Houston properties.

The effects of Hurricane Harvey are stretching beyond the physical damage on the city of Houston – it’s now starting to affect homeowners to the point that they may face potential foreclosures on their properties.

Analysts state that currently, a total of 40,200 mortgages in the area of Southeast Texas are approximately 90 days or more delinquent, and it’s all thanks to the devastation caused by Harvey. Even this long after the storm, there are some residents who still cannot get into their homes, meaning that they’re also responsible for paying money for a temporary apartment or hotel room on top of having to make a regular mortgage payment on the home itself.

There are many lenders who typically allow a 90-day delay on the next payment made. In the case of those affected by Harvey, not only are they seeing that their normal mortgage payment is due to be made, but they also have to deal with the fact that the back payment has been delayed as well.

Those individuals who are currently risking foreclosure on their homes are also waiting to see exactly how much money they will be able to receive from the government, as well as where that money will go, before any final decisions are made.

Those currently facing debt are being advised to always stay in communication with their lender, no matter what, as well as to not ignore any letters or phone calls that they may receive from them. They can also request a reduced payment given the circumstances, or even request another delay before their next mortgage payment is due. However, the best piece of advice is to speak to a counselor who has been officially approved by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development to see what your best options may be.

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