Alvin, Texas is a suburb of Houston, Texas – an area that quickly continues to grow, as it is now the fourth-largest metro area in the entire United States behind the following cities:

*New York
*Los Angeles

The population of the Houston area is large, and it also has over ten different counties that cover over 900 square miles, spreading 50 miles in each direction. Houses for sale in Alvin Texas, a suburb just south of Houston, are in demand, because of the small town feel within a large urban area.

Houses for sale in Alvin Texas are also in demand, because the area is known as a worldwide and national center for both the petrochemical and petroleum industry; however, it’s also seen as a major corporate center as well, with companies including the following:

*Continental Airlines
*Browning Ferris Industries
*Waste Management
*American General

On top of these businesses, there is also a large amount of banking, trade, and general commerce in the city as well.

Houston and its surrounding suburbs grew in a manner that was rather haphazard in nature thanks to all of the downtown skyscrapers and satellite corporate centers. These areas also feature a modern skyline, as well as the very latest in transportation options. The Galleria and downtown Houston combined feature a total of over six and a half miles of underground malls, tunnels, and even a light rail system, all of which serve the entire downtown area.

Indeed, growth has spread in virtually every direction of the city, and houses for sale in Alvin Texas are a convenient option for families moving to the Houston area.

You’ll find the heavier industry located east and southeast in a corridor that measures 25 miles long towards Alvin and Texas City. In Galveston, just southeast of Alvin Texas, you’ll find a mix of beach resorts and commercial history, as this area is a favored weekend getaway by many people. The city of Freeport, located in Brazoria County, is more of an industrial center. Weichert, Realtors – Wayne Murray Properties can assist with your search for houses for sale in Alvin Texas, as well as these other areas.

There are also many cultural amenities located throughout the Houston area, including the following:

*Performing arts
*NFL teams
*MLB teams
*The Texas Medical Center
*Multiple lakes
*Other entertainment opportunities

Furthermore, the cost of houses for sale in Alvin Texas and the Houston area is seen as being relatively low considering how big the city and its suburbs actually are, and all sorts of housing remains available.

All in all, the city’s landscape is generally flat, yet it contains many rivers and streams, as well as some wooded areas and reliefs located in the north and northeast. Residents who purchase houses for sale in Alvin Texas may notice the subtropical climate, being so close to the coast. Houses for sale in Alvin Texas are approximately 20 miles from the Gulf of Mexico. During the summer, the temperature is rather hot, with temperatures climbing into the 90s and, sometimes, even into the 100s. This means that air conditioning will become a necessity since these temperatures will be absolutely uncomfortable. During the fall, you can expect days that are clear and dry, and the occasional thunderstorm.

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