If you fail to properly protect your home, your property could end up getting damaged by heavy rains. Furthermore, it could also cause the development of mold and dampness that can have adverse effects on your family’s health. 

Here are three ways to help protect your home from heavy rains: 

Inspect the Roof 

Take the time to walk around the outside of your home, which will give you a chance to inspect the roof. This is something that should be done at least twice per year in order to avoid any potential issues in the future. Always look for the following: 

*Signs of damage/aging/sagging 

*Loose/missing/skew tiles 


*Holes/rusty spots 

Take Care of Any Surrounding Trees/Foliage 

Consider cutting back any surrounding trees and/or foliage that are currently hanging over your home and gutters. This is because the branches and leaves can potentially create blockages, as well as issues with your gutters. Furthermore, you will be reducing the risk of having any of these fall onto your home while it’s storming. 

Collect/Recycle Water 

A lot of the household water that we consume on a regular basis is used for the following: 

*Flushing toilets 

*Washing cars 

*Watering plants/gardens 

By collecting and recycling rainwater, you can use this for all sorts of things, such as the following:

*Filling your pool

*Watering your garden

*Washing cars/dogs

You can obtain a collection tank and attach it to your gutters without having to put forth too much effort. There are also some tanks that come with built-in pumps in order to enable you to directly connect them to your garden sprinkler systems. 

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