It’s no secret that pets can get into just as much trouble as small children can. This is because pets are naturally curious about their surroundings; however, you never want them to get into anything that could potentially harm them. 

Here are three ways to ensure that your home is always safe and pet-friendly:

Keep Items Stored High 

Items such as cleaning products, medications, and other types of chemicals should always be stored on a high shelf. This is perhaps the best way to keep your pets away from these items, unless you have childproof latches installed. 

Keep All Food Out of Reach 

Always make sure that any food you have in your home is always kept behind a closed door or just generally out of reach of your pet. Many types of food that are perfectly safe for human consumption can cause all sorts of health issues for dogs and cats. Additionally, food wrappers create a choking hazard.  


If you own thread, yarn, or strings, always make sure that they are put away safely. Common rooms such as sewing rooms or craft rooms can be extremely dangerous for any pet, as they could end up getting ahold of something that could cause them to choke when they try to play with it. Additionally, sharp needles can pose a real danger if they end up on the floor or within pet distance.

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