Halloween is a fun time of year for children to be able to dress up in their favorite costumes and get candy when they go trick-or-treating. On top of that, it allows for the chance to pass out more healthful foods, as well as get plenty of exercise by walking and focusing on safety.

Here are a few useful health and safety tips to keep in mind for this coming Halloween:

*Always make sure costume accessories are soft, flexible, and short in size.
*Never go trick-or-treating alone. Always go with a parent, guardian, or a group.
*Place reflective tape on a child’s costume and treat bag so that passing drivers will be able to easily spot them.
*Once you return home, take the time to examine all of your child’s candy to look for any signs of tampering prior to any eating.
*Carry a flashlight while trick-or-treating so help others see you.
*Test any and all makeup in a small area prior to putting more on.
*Always look both ways before crossing the street, and use crosswalks when possible.
*Avoid wearing any decorative contact lenses, as these could potentially cause a serious eye injury.
*Walk on sidewalks whenever possible.
*Make sure a costume fits well in order to avoid falls, trips, and blocked vision.
*Eat candy that is only factory-wrapped. Do not eat homemade treats you receive from strangers.
*Only stop at homes that are well-lit.
*Do not walk near any open flames while wearing a costume.

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