It’s never really uncommon to be asked about what all there is to do in a town like Galveston. After all, what isn’t there to do in a town like this while doing a Galveston home search? This location is one that is truly diverse in terms of entertainment and leisure.

Here are just five out of many fun and exciting things to do in Galveston to help ensure that you have a great time.


Downtown Galveston is your top destination if you’re someone who’s fond of interesting and unique items for either yourself or someone else. There are many different stores here, though the hours tend to change from time to time; however, the journey will really be worth the effort for everything that you’ll find. If you aren’t really looking for anything in particular, you could just stroll up and down the street and take in all of the many different boutiques that the city has to offer.


If shopping isn’t your thing, sightseeing probably is. Downtown Galveston has plenty of sights, ranging from the 1877 Tall Ship Elissa at the Texas Seaport Museum to the Pirates! Legends of the Gulf Coast attraction. Regardless of what you want to do, you’re sure to find something that’s fun for both you and your entire family.

Go on a Tour

Galveston is also a great city to on a few different tours. For instance, you could go on one of several ghost tours or take part in a tour hosted by Galveston Island Historic Tours. If neither of these interest you, you could instead ride in a horse-drawn carriage on The Strand and take part in a narrated tour through Downtown Galveston.

Grab a Drink

Taking part in any kind of tour or shopping activity is enough to make anyone thirsty. Thankfully, Galveston has many different drink choices, some of them complete with great views. These include Olympia on Pier 21, Brews Brothers, and Old Cellar Door. Regardless of the one that you choose, any bartender will be able to call a taxi for you if you feel you aren’t able to get back to your home or hotel safely.

Tour the Harbor

There’s really no point in being on the water if you won’t actually be on the water itself. One of the best ways to do this is to take one of the harbor tour boats. The harbor is the main reason that the island thrived in the early 19th century and why it’s still busy today. When taking part in one of these tours, chances are you will end up seeing dolphins, and every tour offers a full glimpse of the entire waterfront.

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