If you’re an empty nester, chances are you have an extra room that needs a makeover. Make your home feel new and transform your extra room into one of these amenities.

1. Theater Room

If you’re a fan of movies, an easy way to make a big transformation to your house and lifestyle is to turn that extra room into a theater room. Painting the room black, a projector and screen, and some reclining chairs are all you need. Throw in some movie posters as decor or get a popcorn machine for snacks. A theater room makes any house unique, and saves money on going to the actual theaters!

2. Exercise Room

If you have equipment in the garage or your own bedroom, an empty nester classic is to put your exercise equipment into your new extra room. You can even transform one of the walls into a wall of mirrors and add padding to the floor, just like a real gym. If you’re a dancer, you can add balance beams, or paint the room a serene color for yoga. Motivate yourself to work out more and bring the gym to you!

3. Studio

If you’re an artist, having a separate space to make this art can de-clutter the house in almost an instant. Whether you’re a painter and want to use the wall as your canvas, or a musician who needs a better place for their piano, having your own studio room adds that flair of creativity to your house, and to your lifestyle.

4. Coffee Room

Trouble waking up in the morning? Having a separate coffee room where you can make your coffee and sit and read the paper is a great motivator to get up and get going. Coffee rooms can also be a space to wind down, read, and catch up with friends in a unique private area.

5. Guest Bedroom

Of course, if you don’t have a guest bedroom, you can have one much more easily as an empty nester– you already have the furniture for it!

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