By the time the year 2020 comes around, a new park will open in downtown Houston, according to a recent announcement from the Downtown Redevelopment Authority.

The park is currently expected to encompass a lot on Bell, Fannin, Leeland, and San Jacinto Streets. This area is currently the home of a Goodyear Auto Service building. Furthermore, the park will end up servicing individuals who will be living in 1,500 brand new residential units that will be constructed nearby, on top of those visiting the downtown area as well.

The park is also a part of Plan Downtown, which was released by the DRA back in November of 2017. The plan hopes to bring both new parks and open spaces that are more retrofitted to help anchor all of the new attractions and developments being constructed over the next 20 years.

Later this spring, the DRA is expected to begin reaching out to members of the general public for any input that they may have in regards to the new downtown park.

In terms of construction, this is slated to begin sometime in 2019, and the official opening date is expected to occur sometime during the summer of 2020.

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