First impressions matter and your homes first impression makes a big difference between whether someone wants to buy it. These simple and cheap curb appeal ideas can take your home from drab to fab and off the market quickly.

Front Door

There are many ways to spruce up the front door. This is a vital area of the front of the house. Think of it as the face of the house. It’s typically the first thing people notice when visiting a new place. Try a statement door by painting it a bright, noticeable color. Polish the fixtures on the front door and hang a seasonal wreath. Put a welcome mat that reflects your style and the feel of the interior of the home.

Street Numbers

It’s vital that people can easily find the home whether it be the mailman, delivery people or a potential buyer. Have the address numbers nicely painted on the curb by the driveway and hang numbers by the front door that can be easily seen from the street. Kick it up a notch and add numbers to the mailbox as well.


Outdoor lighting can serve many reasons from security to preventing potential injury and lawsuits. What people don’t think about is how nicely it can accent the front of your home. Think about the best assets of the front of the house. It could be big, beautiful trees, flowers or a nice walkway. Then add lighting that highlights it, literally.

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