If you’re someone who’s planning on purchasing a home, chances are you’ll end up hearing all sorts of advice from different people who have been in your position before. The problem? A lot of the advice you receive from them isn’t always correct.

It’s no secret that the housing market always changes as time goes on, and depending on your area of residence, the rules can vary greatly.

Here are three pieces of supposed “advice” that you should always remember to ignore when it comes to purchasing a home.

“You’ll Need a Neighborhood Expert”

You should always hire a real estate agent who’s familiar with the area in which you want to move to; however, you don’t actually need a “neighborhood expert.” Even worse, this is not really an actual term either and also has no real meaning to it. Working with this type of person can actually hurt your overall search as well.

“You’ll Be Able to Save Money if You Purchase a Fixer-Upper”

Despite someone telling you this, purchasing a home that’s rundown and attempting to turn it into something more special is not something that those of the faint of heart should ever attempt to do. If you’re someone who has next to no knowledge in regards to home renovations, taking this type of step will only end up creating much more stress on you than you could ever imagine. Always hire a remodeling contractor to look over the home and provide you with a detailed estimate before you even think of making an offer.

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