Two story homes are often thought of as the ideal home but one should way the pros and cons before determining if a two-story home is right for you.


Larger House

Building up instead of out means the home can fit on a smaller lot. This is ideal if you want to live in a subdivision that doesn’t offer large lots. If you are wanting to live in a more urban setting this is one way to achieve more square footage without more actual lot.

Better View

Two-story homes offer different views on the second story than on the first. This can be nice if you live in an area with nice scenery or if the street is crowded. Balconies can be a nice addition with a two-story home.

More Separation of Bedrooms

With two-story homes the bedrooms can be separated more neatly from the common area. If you intend to have people over for late nights the kids can still be in bed on time if they are upstairs.



Stairs Aren’t Your Friend

Stairs may look nice but having them in your home means you have to walk up and down them. For disabled or elderly people this is not an option. Stairs also pose a danger to children and clumsy people in general.

More Costly

Building a second story is more costly than a ranch style home to begin with. In the long run you will be paying more to heat and cool the home as well. This is because there is more square footage and two-story homes require two HVACs.

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